Job filling services

KN-iKEP company offers high standard services.

Excellent knowledge and many years of experience make us your most
valuable partner.
With a network of partners that is constantly being enriched
With services that constantly evolve and adapt according to the needs of
our customers
With continuous training and information
Consistently and efficiently
With excellent knowledge

We are able to provide services and provide solutions that meet your

In the framework of the European Migration Policy, we reliably undertake
the recruitment / employment of citizens of third countries

Depending on the needs of each business, we undertake the search for the
right employee to fill the job, with the specialty, specifications and
data you specify.
For example:
- In hotel businesses,
- In construction companies
- In catering businesses
- In the agricultural economy (primary sector)

KN-iKEP company is a case processing company, with the aim of high
quality services and speed of service
At KN-iKEP we offer a wide range of services:
- issuance of certificates and documents through the web portal of the
Greek state
- payment of bills and debts of all entities
- Insurance solutions (vehicle, life, medical care)
- immediate sending and receiving of money to and from all over Greece
and almost all over the world (cooperation with moneygram and western
- vehicle and driving license processing

We are especially honored by your trust and it gives us the strength to
continue energetically!!!

Next to the citizen...and the professional

Kipriotakis Dimitris
Ntampakaki Sofia